Thursday, 3 January 2013

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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Kaspersky Internet Security Free Download

Kaspersky is one of those products using Cloud technology to enhance the security of the customers. Kaspersky clodd works like Weather Forecast and can sniff and forecast the upcoming security threats and issues an alert to all of it's antivirus products so that they can detect and prepare to take down the threat.

Kaspersky Pure is an excellent product. By gathering and processing data about suspicious activity from each participant in the network, “cloud” protection is, essentially, a powerful expert system designed to analyze cybercriminal activity. The data needed to block the attacks launched against users’ computers are provided to all of the participants in a cloud network, which helps prevent subsequent infection.

Kaspersky Pure 2 Cloud Protection image:
–°loud” protection has already proven itself to have a number of major advantages: it identifies and blocks new threats at a very high rate, and it doesn't only block threats — it also blocks the sources spreading them. This helps envisage a new direction of development in the antivirus industry” all of these advantages can be automated using an expert system with a very low false positive rate. “Clouds” are not just a fad — they are an effective user protection technology. As they develop, their importance and role within the antivirus industry will continue to grow.”

Here are some Features of Kaspersky Pure:

Hybrid Protection...

The power of the cloud plus the power of your PCHybrid Protection combines Kaspersky’s latest security technologies – running on your PC – plus the speed, efficiency and global security information delivered by the cloud. Kaspersky PURE 2.0 deals with threats faster and more effectively than ever before.

System Watcher... 

Protection from unknown malware
System Watcher monitors suspicious activities within applications and allows you to reverse system changes that have been made by malware. System Watcher analyses more events and uses information collected by other components, to provide improved detection of new, unknown threats.

File Advisor…

Instant information through the cloud
By clicking ‘Send name to KSN’ (Kaspersky Protection Network), you can get information on the reputation of any kind of executable, application or screenplay. Instantly receive information through the cloud about: file-name measurement, date created and past modified, threat rating, digital signature, geography, distribution, and more.

There is a long list of Kaspersky Pure features like:
Home Network Control...
Password Manager
Backup and Restore
and etc.

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